Gene Expression

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Completely Better
Gene Expression Microarray Platform

  • SurePrint G3 Gene Expression Microarrays provide a comprehensive coverage of genes and transcripts with the most up-to-date content. With the new Human Gene Expression v2 Microarray, long intergenic non-coding RNA (lincRNA) probes designed to the human catalog of lincRNAs from the Broad Institute, along with an update of mRNA content, provides you with the tools you need to advance and support your important research.
  • Most up-to-date content (sourced from RefSeq, Ensembl, UniGene, and GenBank databases) provides full coverage of the human transcriptome
  • Widest dynamic range of over 5 logs ensures detection of low and high expressors for the most biologically relevant data
  • Fully customizable content with multiple formats for the most flexible experimental design.
Code No. Platform Species
NB11301 8 X 60K Human, Mouse, Rat
NB11101 4 X 44K Human, Mouse, Rat, Arabidopsis(V4), Barley, Bovine(V2), Brassica, C.elegans, Canine, Chicken, Cotton, Drosophila, Horse, Magnaporthe, Medicago, Mosquito, Rabbit, Porcine, Rhesus Macaque, Rice, Salmon, Tobacco, Tomato, Wheat, Xenopus, Zebrafish
NB11201 8 X 15K E.coli, Sheep, Yeast

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